We are a seasoned team of wholesale power and gas experts who for years have profitably traded energy and managed the largest energy asset portfolios in North America.  Now, as an independent firm, our mission is to partner with our clients by providing powerful solutions, expert execution and wholesale power market transparency.  Our goal is to maximize profitability and minimize risk for our clients.

TrueLight provides portfolio and risk management services to competitive retail electric suppliers, structured financial offtake solutions to developers and owners of renewable generation, and active asset management services to investors in renewable generation projects.  Our goal is to increase market and capital efficiency, particularly in the renewable generation sector, to promote growth in the sector and to bring transparency to the wholesale power markets.

TrueLight Energy separates itself from other consultants and advisors because we are true experts in the wholesale power sector.  We are active in the wholesale energy markets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Having managed load, generation and trading portfolios at some of the largest and most renowned utility, energy asset management and trading firms in North America, we have launched TrueLight Energy as an independent energy firm to provide an unsurpassed level of expertise and execution capability to our clients.